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What’s Gellyball?


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Gelly ball Utah – Gellyball Gun Rentals in Utah – Gellyball Utah Party

Gelly Ball – Party Game Rentals

The perfect alternative to Nerf guns and paintball

Reserve now for your next party, anywhere in the San Antonio area, and we will bring the fun to you!

Great for birthday parties, bachelor parties, family reunions, block parties, etc.

A COVID-19 Safe Activity

We sanitize all of our equipment after each use, and since participants never need to be in close proximity, the possibility of spreading COVID-19 is very, very unlikely

What’s Gelly Ball?

Guns that shoot soft, small orbs

Battle your friends and family just like paintball

– fun and safe for kids and adults

– no need to reload ammo

– virtually no sting when hit

– not messy and nothing to clean up!

– 1 canister holds 750 shots

Party Packages

Helmets, Inflatables, Blasters, Gellyballs, Referee provided


Up to 8 players | Unlimited Ammo | 2 hour party


Up to 14 players | Unlimited Ammo | 2 hour party

Starting at $475

Up to 20+ players | Unlimited Ammo | 2.5 hour party

Equipment to Own

For the most avid Gelly Ball fans

Gelly Ball Pistols – $80 each

Goggles – $30 each

Gelly Balls (Ammo) – $15 / 10,000



Meet the Monterroso Family

Growing up in Los Angeles, Jacob was always looking for something fun to do, especially outdoors. He enjoyed playing Nerf guns with his friends, but was annoyed at always having to pick the foam bullets up to reload. He would have loved if Gelly Ball was around when he grew up.

Now, he and his wife Mary and their two kids live in San Antonio, Texas, hoping to share their love of Gelly Ball with as many of their fellow Texans as possible.

Questions? Jacob is happy to talk, anytime!

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